All Screwed Up

Visual Tribute

A Visual Tribute to the legendary Robert Earl Davis Jr. aka. DJ Screw, of Huston Texas.
Chopped & Screwed
Created to commemorate DJ Screw on the 20th anniversary of his passing, All Screwed Up mixes live action performances with original stylised animation.

I was the creative director for the animated sequences. Created at Jumbla with Jeric Ilagan, James Manton & Jenni Cheng.
Visual Tribute is a passion project created to celebrate the life & legacy of a legend.
We used Miro during production, an infinite whiteboard where you can dump... well, anything...

Collaborators can easily see progress and give instant feedback, something very essential while working from home  during a pandemic... and in different countries.
Steve Bradshaw

Creative Director
Callan Woolcock

Animation Director
Jeric Illagan

James Manton

Additional Illustration
James Manton, Jeric Illagan, Callan Woolcock, Jennifer Cheng, Lahiru Karunarante

Character Design
Callan Woolcock, Jeric Illagan

Jeric Illagan, Callan Woolcock, Jennifer Cheng, Lahiru Karunarante, Tracey Theseira, Run Woo

Storyboard & Animatics
Jeric Illagan
IYO Visuals
​​​​​​​Director, Cinematographer & Editor
Isaac "Chill" Yowman

Miriam Heads

Production Manager
Tann Williams

Original Screenplay
Isaac Yowman & Shannan E. Johnson

Gaffer & Steadicam
Freddy Dang

Storyboarding & Set Design Prep
Kelsi Sadler

On Set Content
LaTroya Brooks & Tiarra Wilson

Drone Op & BTS DP
Ivan Battle

IYO Agency