All Screwed Up

Visual Tribute

A Visual Tribute to the legendary Robert Earl Davis Jr. aka. DJ Screw, of Huston Texas.
Chopped & Screwed
Created to commemorate DJ Screw on the 20th anniversary of his passing, All Screwed Up mixes live action performances with original stylised animation.

I was the creative director for the animated sequences. Created at Jumbla with Jeric Ilagan, James Manton & Jenni Cheng.
Visual Tribute is a passion project created to celebrate the life & legacy of a legend.
We used Miro during production, an infinite whiteboard where you can dump... well, anything...

Collaborators can easily see progress and give instant feedback, something very essential while working from home  during a pandemic... and in different countries.
Animation Credits
Studio: Jumbla

Producer: Steve Bradshaw
Creative Director: Callan Woolcock
Animation Director: Jeric Illagan
Illustration: James Manton
Additional Illustration: James Manton, Jeric Illagan, Callan Woolcock, Jennifer Cheng, Lahiru Karunarante
Character Design: Callan Woolcock, Jeric Illagan
Animation: Jeric Illagan, Callan Woolcock, Jennifer Cheng
Additional Animation: Lahiru Karunarante, Tracey Theseira, Run Woo
Storyboard & Animatics: Jeric Illagan
Production Team
Studio: IYO Visuals

Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Isaac "Chill" Yowman
Producer: Miriam Heads
Production Manager: Tann Williams
Original Screenplay: Isaac Yowman & Shannan E. Johnson
Gaffer & Steadicam: Freddy Dang
Storyboarding & Set Design Prep: Kelsi Sadler
On Set Content: LaTroya Brooks & Tiarra Wilson
Drone Op & BTS DP: Ivan Battle
Branding: IYO Agency