Enboarder is, as the name suggests, a HR platform that promises not just paperless onboarding of new employees but also an “engaging” experience for them. So that was what our team set out to achieve for this new, award-winning start-up.

Our proposal to them promised our explainer video would offer “glimpses into the product, without getting bogged down in the details, or complicated jargon. It would present features in simple, real-world examples to maintain engagement with the viewer and motivate further research into the product.

The animation is mainly a 2D explainer video style but with a few 3D sections thrown in.
“Sometimes using 3D in a mainly 2D animation is actually quicker and easier for a transition or a visual gag. It’s a matter of what works best.” said Jumbla Executive Creative Director Callan Woolcock.

We wanted this one to be a bit different from the traditional problem/solution explainer video,” our Creative Director said.

“It’s a bit quirky. We threw in some visual gags. The script took a bit of back and forth with the client, but they wanted something different too. And they were very happy with it.”

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