Motion Response

Erupt is Pure spelt backwards. With a 't' added...
PAUSE Fest 2015
Pause Fest selects studios to create motion responses for the conference. In 2015 Jumbla was asked to participate.

The theme was Pure. So we decided to show the journey of pure heroin travelling through the body. Mainly because it would look cool... & making stuff look cool was all we cared about in 2015.
The journey of Pure Heroin through the body... so don't do drugs.
This was the first time I used 3D software (Modo) to create & animate models & the first time I had done any frame-by-frame animation in Photoshop.

As I was not confident in frame-by-frame stuff & because it takes forever, I used Twixtor in After Effect to generate in-between frames. This worked well for the liquid... but not so great for other things.

Nevertheless, very happy with how it turned out. Shout out to the talented Kane Rowlingson who did a huge amount of work on this one at Jumbla.

Callan Woolcock

Callan Woolcock, Kane Rowlingson, Frankie Lee

Callan Woolcock, Kane Rowlingson
Don't do drugs.