Incredible Machines

A Work in Progress

Incredible Machines is a cross-genre story concept, mixing film noir, sci-fi, supernatural, comedy & drama with classic design influence, executed in a contemporary motion design style.
Complex machines are used to recreate realities from human memories & imaginations.

Our heroes use these machines to observe different memories to solve mysteries, while inadvertently begin to unlock disturbing secrets that may explain the universe & reality as we know it.
Season 1 Synopsis
In the 1940's, an eccentric detective uses complex machines to rebuild the lost memories of a mysterious female android.
Each short animation release will be a 'season', like TV show...

Only... that's not a TV show... it's just a bunch of short animations. Isn't that weird?
My Head Just Exploded
Each season will take place in a different reality, often, a different decade - with reincarnations of the same characters.

Because that's just really cool.
Incredible Machines pays homage to classic films, TV shows & design movements of the era - executed in a more contemporary motion design style.

Everything must connect to the central idea to serve the story.
More to come...