Motion Design

It's like... people only do things because they get paid. And that's just really sad. Unlike me... who didn't get paid for these.
AFL Grand Final 2019
I like to pretend I did this for the AFL. But I just made it so Jumbla could get some likes on Insta.

Not that I really care about how many people like my work on instagram or anything. Also, you should check out my instagram and follow me.

Shout out to Sean Crowley for the audio on this one. Smashed it.
Node Fest 2018
I love Node and really wanted to create an ident for the annual competition. But I left it to literally the last minute.

I made this piece in one night. It was a Friday night. Everyone was having fun probably. I stayed up until 4am because I'm so dedicated, and also dumb.
AGDA Creative Response
Way back in 2015 before Mike Tosetto founded the amazing motion studio Never Sit Still, he sought a bunch of motion designers to develop a creative response for the AGDA awards.

Jumbla was asked to participate, so I knocked it out in a couple of days. Boom. Back then glitches were cool man.