Tasmania Jack Jumpers

Launch Film

An exhilarating, fun, family friendly animation... produced at lightning speed.
The Newest Team
The Jack Jumper: one of the most dangerous ants in the world. Suitable name for the team from Tassie...

Time was the enemy. This took around 4 weeks to complete. Great effort to everyone involved at Jumbla for the hustle.
Create an exhilarating hype animation for the launch of the NBL's latest team: the Tasmania Jack Jumpers!
Jack, the Jumper
Using Blender & a single illustration reference, the talented Jordan Booker created a fully-rigged 3D character in a matter of days.

A week later, basically all of his scenes were animated. Rendered using Eevee with Blenders freestyle toon stroke for added goodness. Amazing effort!
Style Frames
Lead Illustrator James Manton was bought on to develop the style. In one week he managed to illustrate all the prominent scenes & characters.

It is important for the lead artist to focus on the more challenging and prominent scenes first, particularly with tight time frames. This helps seamlessly blend any additional illustration work late done by others.
Simple sketches with arrows was all that we needed here. It was all about getting it done quick... & good of course.

Often you will not need much more than this - perhaps a few more in-between transition frames but essentially it's about showing the right thing at the right moment.
Steve Bradshaw

Creative Director
Callan Woolcock

3D Lead
Jordan Booker

Style Frames
James Manton

Callan Woolcock

Illustration & Animation
James Manton, Jeric Ilagan, Callan Woolcock, Jordan Booker

Audio Design & Music Composition
Sean Crowley
Creative Director
Andy Sargent

​​​​​​​General Manager of Marketing
Simon Davenport