Woman At War

Documentary Trailer Animation

Creating a gritty & original look for documentary animation.
Leila Khaled
A mix of footage and original animation, Woman at War is a proposed feature-length documentary.

I designed, illustrated and animated 14 scenes in total for the trailer. Created at Jumbla with additional illustration & animation by the talented Jeric Ilagan.
In 1969 Leila Khaled became the worlds first female hijacker. This is her story.
Shots were made in Adobe After Effects. Illustrator was used for the majority of 2D assets, with Element 3D for some 3D objects.

Each shot was mastered at 4k, 25FPS, with a stepped frame rate of 12 FPS or lower for some character movement. This helps give the piece a less digital feel, and a more classic cinematic visual experience.
Colour Palette
JAM Director Mark O’Leary wanted to create a series of monotone colour palettes that mixed gritty texture with long dark shadows. There was one clear direction - that this wasn't a cartoon.

With orange, green & blue, the tonal space sets the mood for each sequence while giving the style a unique & distinctive look for documentary film making.